Above Store Reporting

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Let Squirrel IQ be your guide! Squirrel IQ is a web-based, above store reporting solution that give you access to a variety of reports generated from your POS data.

Information at a Glance

A simple, web-based user interface presents sales, labor, and other important information in easy-to-understand reports, charts, and dashboards.

Check Level Detail

In addition to providing a holistic perspective on your business – including the performance of different revenue centers and departments – Squirrel IQ allows you to drill down to the check level detail.

Squirrel IQ Grows with You

You can easily add locations so when your business grows, Squirrel IQ can grow with you. For existing Squirrel POS users, import your historical data for immediate comparative reporting.

Mobile Reports

Access reports on the go using a convenient mobile app.

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