Enterprise Management

Centrally Manage Your POS System

If you have a multi-unit or multi-concept operation, juggling different menus, price lists, and configurations can be a nightmare. Squirrel eases your enterprise management challenge with Corporate POS Manager.

“From a corporate perspective, it’s great because we have 7 restaurants and Squirrel is able to customize their software based on what we need…When you open a new location, they can take what we’re already using in one location and tweak it so that it works for that location.”

Beth HellerHarry Caray’s Restaurant Group

Simplify Your Enterprise Management

Corporate POS Manager (CPM) is a robust enterprise management tool that helps you easily manage your menus and consolidate your data from a central location.

Get Data Quickly

A Microsoft SQL Server relational database provides quick, easy access to data. CPM consolidates sales and labor data from all your units to a central location for immediate feedback on the overall performance of your operations.

Standardize the Guest Experience

Define standardized settings and screen layouts across all your units and reduce staff training time for employees moving from one location to another.

Perform Routine PC Functions

Centrally manage the software on your store level back office PCs, even if the programs are unrelated to your POS system.

Let Squirrel Do the Work for You

If you’re spending too much time on menu updates each month, Squirrel's Managed Services team can help by taking care of every aspect of your menu management process.

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