Large Independent & Multi-Units

Flexible. Reliable. Scalable.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution you can rely on to easily manage your large independent or multi-unit operation, then the Squirrel Professional point of sale system is right for you. Squirrel offers enterprise solutions for centralized menu management, data consolidation, and more.

“We’ve gotten some great feedback from our franchisees who have converted over to the Squirrel Professional POS system…it’s much easier to use the POS system itself and to process orders properly…the integration with Squirrel and our reporting platform has made it very easy.”

Mike Pennington, Togo’s

Squirrel Professional – Complete Hospitality Management

Squirrel Professional is a powerful point of sale software solution with features designed to increase efficiency and improve multi-unit operations. Some of the key functionality includes:

  • User-friendly graphical user interface that makes it easy to order, split checks, manage promotions, and more
  • Convenient enterprise management from a central location
  • Squirrel Mobility for the flexibility to operate on different mobile platforms
  • EMV payment solutions, both wired and wireless
  • System redundancy to ensure uninterrupted business operations
  • Scalability to ensure your growth can be easily accommodated
  • And more!
Proven Platform

Squirrel Professional is the result of 33 years of innovation in the hospitality industry. Not only is our technology platform flexible, reliable, and scalable, but it also gives you the most choice – including several options for terminals, mobility, payment processors, and more.

Enterprise Management

With Squirrel’s Corporate POS Manager application, you can centrally manage POS systems for all your locations, including configuration, menus, and pricing. Corporate POS Manager also helps you consolidate sales and labor information across the entire enterprise.

Best in Class Partners

Built on an open Microsoft SQL architecture, Squirrel Professional integrates with leading third party solutions to extend the functionality of your POS. Our Professional Services department can also work with you to integrate products you may already be using.

Industry Leading Support

At Squirrel, customers are the heart of what we do. Our purpose is to enable amazing customer experiences. Whether it’s the products we develop or the implementation and support of these solutions, you deserve and receive our strongest efforts.

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