Leisure & Entertainment POS

Point of Sale for Casinos, Sporting Facilities, and More

With the seasonal elements of entertainment centers and sporting facilities or staff turnover in large environments such as casinos, it is important your point of sale system is fast and easy to learn. Not only does Squirrel Professional fit this criteria, but our solutions are flexible enough to work in all your outlets, from your sit-down establishments to bars and concessions.

“What it’s done mostly is allowed me to get real-time access to the data that we need for the management team. To be able to see those real-time statistics and know what we’re doing and what the demand is on food, it’s helped us from an ordering standpoint, it’s helped us from a staffing standpoint, to know what areas need to be staffed heavier and what can be lighter on any given night.”

Justin Stottlemyre, Spokane Indians

Squirrel Professional – Complete Hospitality Management

Squirrel Professional is a powerful point of sale software solution with features designed to increase efficiency and improve operations across your large enterprise. Some of the key functionality includes:

  • Highly configurable to support multiple revenue centers with different service styles
  • User-friendly graphical user interface that makes it easy to order, split checks, manage promotions, and more
  • Real time reporting and managerial functions
  • Squirrel Mobility for the flexibility to operate on different mobile platforms
  • EMV payment solutions, both wired and wireless
  • System redundancy to ensure uninterrupted business operations
  • Scalability to ensure your growth can be easily accommodated
  • And more!
Customer Focus

Our customers are the center of everything Squirrel does, from the development of intuitive, user-friendly software to the project management of each stage of the implementation process.

Proven Platform

Squirrel Professional is built on a proven and scalable platform you can rely on. With an open technology architecture, you have numerous options for network infrastructure, terminals, mobility, payments, third party interfaces, and more.

Ease of Use

Because Squirrel Professional is so easy to use, staff will require minimal training time. You’ll also find our enterprise management tools helpful in updating POS configurations, menus, and pricing for all your outlets from a central location.

Industry Leading Support

In a 24/7 business like a casino, you need access to 24/7 support. The Squirrel Solution Center is always available and our fast response times mean you’ll get help when you need it.

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