POS Hardware

A Wide Range of Hardware Solutions Available to You

Squirrel has built a strong reputation for highly performing POS hardware with strong industrial design. You can also opt to use certified equipment from third party manufacturers, including mobility. The choice is yours.

POS Terminals

Squirrel’s WS10X series of POS terminals features all the performance and reliability that’s expected from our hardware in a sleek, small footprint design.

Smart Design

With its sleek silhouette and high resolution 15” LCD resistive touchscreens, the WS10X series is perfect for any concept.

Reliable Performance

Squirrel hardware is under warranty for one year so you can be assured that your investment is protected.

Windows or Linux

Choose from Windows or Linux operating systems for your terminals.

Flexible Mounting Options

Squirrel terminals can be wall-mounted. Custom counter inlays have also been used to house the terminals.

Squirrel Mobility

Enhance efficiency with Squirrel Mobility, which allows Squirrel POS software to operate on a variety of mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Squirrel Mobility also gives you the flexibility to mix and match fixed terminals and mobile POS devices if you have different needs for different revenue centres. No extra training is required because our POS software looks and operates the same regardless of the hardware you’re using.


Squirrel and Epson have one of the longest OEM relationships in the POS industry. We work closely together to provide our customers with the most rugged and efficient printers on the market, including thermal, impact, and wireless options.

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