Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Data, Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Data, Secure

With the recent news of a widely known and visited fast food chain being a victim of a security breach, impacting 5 million people, folks in the industry have a few hot topic questions.

“How do restaurants protect themselves against the liability of security breaches?”

“How does EMV work?”

“What preventative measures do restaurants need to put in place to protect data?”

Here are 3 tips to help your business stay secure and protect customer information:

1. Be EMV Compliant

We tee’d this article up by talking about a major security breach but the most common incidents which highlight security risks are the lack of an EMV solutions that can slowly chip away at a restaurant’s bottom line on a daily basis. Though EMV has been widely portrayed as optional, it really shouldn’t be an option you’d dismiss. Did you know, that 11.8 Billion dollars of sales in the US resulted in chargebacks in 2016? Or, that some businesses are experiencing anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 a month in chargebacks that they cannot win!

For those who have victims of chargebacks, they get it. For those who have yet to experience the hardships of chargebacks, ask yourself, would you rather be proactive… or reactive?


2. Ensuring your POS or payment devices keep data encrypted.

Now, back to the headliner. For a restaurant, the way to stay secure is to choose secure solutions. Ensuring that your POS system meets today’s PCI security standards, making sure card data is always tokenized or confirming that your payment processing device does not store customer payment data, are just a few of the questions you should be asking before you implement a new technology system. By doing this, in the event of a hack, there is no customer data to steal, no credit card information for hackers to sell and no security risk that you are liable for.


3. Staying up to date with your technology

Having out of date software can be one of the most underrated security risks. With outdated software, you may be at risk of having out of date data security protection, technology that is more susceptible to getting hacked or the plain inability to interface with the newest secure integrations or add-on features. Staying current today by utilizing your free upgrade offers, saves you from what the hassles and breaches that tomorrow could bring!


Whether you act on one or all three of the above tips, remember this: Your profitability is measured by analyzing and increasing your profitability while maintaining a great relationship with your customers. Work with companies who want to enable amazing guest experiences, even if that is simply, to keep their information secure.

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